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Hahnemann Healing Training

Service Description

 If you've been through a process of healing your own emotional hurts, you understand what an important step it is to be able to truly move forward in your life.  Becoming a Hahnemann Healing Practitioner is a way to help others work through their emotional pain. 

The training course is a six day program, which has flexibility to be run over weekends or weekdays. You will be taught how to connect with your Guide, understand the use of energy and where to administer it on the body, as well as detailed training about how to engage with clients in a professional manner. 

All you need to become a successful Hahnemann Healer is a desire to to help others.  

Hahnemann Healing practitioners participate in a re-accreditation training day annually.

Contact me if  you would like to inquire about becoming a Hahnemann Healing Practitioner.

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0423 424 720

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