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Mind Alignment

1 hr


In Ancient Egypt under the protective umbrella of the Sphinx, in the Schools of Learning under the Great Pyramid of Giza, many years of work were devoted to healing and remedying the human body through the use of directed energy. The energy used was amplified through the power of the pyramid.


Put in its simplest way, the mind is conditioned mostly by external influence, based upon needs of immediacy, rather than what is best for the owner of the mind, through their journey on earth.  This causes good people to make bad decisions over and over. There are times they do not have the clarity of vision to see this or the strength to change it.


Mind Alignment uses a very specific form of energy to understand what is happening in a person's mind and how to clean out the dross put there by external forces, which cause bad decisions.


The mind can then be aligned so as to how it can make better decisioqnsand how to do this. This means that when a situation arises in a person's life to which they have historically acted badly; it will cause an instant desire to act differently, in a way better suited to them.


The practitioner does not require any active or passive involvement from their client. They simply sit there and relax.


Mind Alignment can deal with both minor and serious matters affecting a person.  It works by changing people's reactions to events in layers, until it gets to the bottom layer, at which point the change is embedded.


It appears passive, but is a powerful and direct way of reshaping people's lives the greatest harm inflicted upon people is by themselves. It helps people overcome this self-harm.


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