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The Healing Shed 

Helping you grow into the person you are meant to be.  

Meet Sarah Hart 

Spiritual Counsellor

I have been operating as a healing practitioner since 2016 with ongoing professional development year on year. I am qualified to help clients with a range of modalities that cater to physical and emotional issues. These therapies are designed to create real change and have really helped me, so I want to share them with you.


My qualifications:

BHSc (hons), Cert Health Coaching, Dip Spiritual Counselling, Cert Hahnemann Healing, Cert Concomitant Healing, Certified Hahnemann Healing Trainer, Cert Mind Alignment, Cert. Spiritual Surgery.

Meet Sarah


"Hahnemann Healing at the Healing Shed was both calming and powerful, just what I needed to help me make some big decisions. The Healing Shed is an oasis amid a busy world and Sarah is well practised and skilled in her different healing modalities. I enjoyed and felt the benefits long after, and highly recommend for anyone seeking some clarity and better understanding of life."

— Michael


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By appointment only.
0423 424 720
83 Helena St Mount Martha VIC 3934
3 Feathertop Ave Templestowe Lower VIC 3107


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